The Mission Kids Butterfly

Mosaic by artist Dana Albany and the children and families of Mission Kids Co-op!

Mission Kids Co-op had a vision to transform an underutilized courtyard space into a welcoming and useful school-yard for children and their families.

Together with local businesses, government, individual contributors, and First Five of San Francisco, we have opened up more space for playing and gardening, and beautified the preschool’s yard. The process involved the teachers, parents and children creating personalized mosaic plants, birds, insects, and animals that were incorporated into a two-story mosaic mural. The mosaic emerges from a new native plant garden designed by families.

Thanks to our families, contributors, and endlessly positive artist, Dana Albany, the children had the experience of a lifetime. They created something much larger than themselves, an art installment that will be enjoyed by future generations of community members. Through this project we have strengthened neighborhood vitality while keeping the tradition of mural art in the Mission District alive.